10 Creative Things To Do With The Back Of Your Business Card

10 Creative Things To Do With The Back Of Your Business Card

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Is Your Business Wasting Valuable Advertising Space?

10 Creative Things To Do With The Back Of Your Business Card.


One of the least expensive yet most profitable forms of advertising for service providers is still the good old standard business card. They are inexpensive to design and print and can be given out freely at networking events, appointments and mailings. People that like your services can easily pass their card to a friend and then you have a brand new client with no additional advertising dollars spent. Amazing! It really is one of the most underrated marketing tools right now as we are constantly flooded with advice on how to market digitally on social media. If you need new clients right now, maybe it is time to go back to basics and take another look at your business card.


Of course you want your business card design to reflect your brand. It should be recognizable right off the bat by using the same colors and fonts as your other marketing. Business cards typically have the company name, your name and contact information. If there is space, maybe a photo or tagline. Many card designs are printed on only one side, leaving the other side blank.


Wait, hold on. Blank space on the back of your business card could be a huge mistake! For just a few cents more per card you could add some really useful and memorable content to your card, making it stand out from the rest. Here are 10 useful things you can do with the back of your business card.


  1. Note Taking Space

Leave the second side white with a matte finish. Provide a few plain straight lines to encourage note taking. During a meeting with a client you can jot down a few notes for them to take with them. Remember to make the surface a matte finish because it’s very hard to write with a pen on a glossy page.


2. List of Services

Why not provide a list of all the services you have to offer? A client might know that you’re a marketing specialist but they may not have heard that you also offer business coaching as well. This applies to many types of businesses.


3. Drive Traffic to a Website

The back of the business card is a great place to put a link to your website and encourage people to visit. You can make an offer such as inviting them to sign up for your newsletter once they find your site. It’s important to have a short, easy to type website URL. If your URL is long and complex, consider buying a shorter one and redirecting it to your website.


4. Leverage Social Media

If you have a great Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter account then don’t hide it! Use the back of your card to advertise your social sites and include links as well. If you advertise it, make sure to keep it active. You don’t want clients taking the time to check you out on Facebook only to find you haven’t posted anything in over a year. Yikes!


5. Photo of Yourself

People get shy about putting their photos on a business card. Trust me, no one is as harsh of a critic about what you look like than you. Chances are, everyone else will think it looks great! If you don’t want to put it on the front, place it on the back of the card with your name again. People like to be able to place a face with a name.



6. Portfolio Space

If your work is photographable, you can use the back of the card to show off a before and after picture, some artwork, your office or anything else you’d like clients to see.


7. Discounts and Special Offers

If you have no new information to share, why not extend a discount or special offer for new clients or for referrals? Maybe you have a free consultation to give away any time someone is referred by a previous client. This will encourage people to give out your card.


8. Special Quote

People love inspirational quotes. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram. They are all filled with bold inspirational quotes in a cool looking font. The quote you choose can also tell a person a lot about your business or motives.


9. Testimonial

The number one way to book a new client is with social proof from a referral source. Put one two short testimonials on the back of your card and let your past clients help you gain new ones!


10. Basic but Memorable

If none of the above fit your business or services there is one last tip I can give you. Be memorable! Make the back of your card a bold color and simply print your name across the back in your signature font. No matter if you are a sales person for a company or you yourself are the whole business, you want people to remember your name and associate it with your company.


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