5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Failing

5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Failing

5 reasons why your website is failing

Many would-be entrepreneurs give up on their dream far too early because they can’t seem to get a quality website up and running. If your dream is to earn full time income from blogging or selling goods and services online then it is mission critical that you get your website running smoothly. Website design can be a long and somewhat hard to learn process. So, if you are serious about your dream, it is worth the money to find a professional to design and optimize your website the right way from the start.

If you already have a website that’s under-performing there are a few key elements you should look at. It might sound a bit harsh but these common performance problems could be the key to why your website is failing. So settle in, grab a pen and paper and let’s get to the bottom of what’s going wrong.


Your website doesn’t work on a smart phone.

Back in 2016 came a crucial turning point in smart phone access when the scales officially tipped and for the first time ever there were more people visiting websites from their mobile devices than from a computer or laptop. It is now estimated that over 80% of your website traffic will come from smart phone users, that is, if your website works and works effectively on a smart phone. If your website isn’t mobile responsive then you are leaving most of your customers behind.

If you don’t know if your website is suited for smart phone use you can try viewing it from a smart phone or use Google Free Tool to test your website’s mobile responsiveness. If your site isn’t loading or looks all wonky on a smart phone then you need a re-design and fast.


Your website loads super slow.

Consumers are willing to wait no longer than about 3 seconds for your initial webpage to load. If your website is slow to load then you will have an insane bounce rate (meaning, people leave your site before it even finishes loading). Make sure that your design and images are optimized for quick and easy loading. Bad design, too many images and clunky web servers are all possible causes of a slow loading website.


The content on your website is nearly a year old, or older.

Even if you have a fast loading, mobile optimized website, if your content is stale it’s all for nothing. If readers see that your last blog past was months ago, that you never respond to comments or that your connected social media is spotty at best, they won’t be bookmarking or returning. If you own a website then you have a responsibility to keep it updated with fresh content. People want to read the latest information, so write fresh articles or provide up to date downloadable content for them to consume. It is best if you can establish a formal schedule so readers come to expect content on certain days.



People can’t find what they are looking for.

Poorly designed websites with broken links and hard to find content are super annoying. No one will be returning if they can’t find what they are looking for right away. They will not dig three pages in to find your hidden content. Bad color schemes and poor font choices can also make pages harder to read and understand. A minimalist design that is straight forward and fast to load could be the way to go.


You can’t get leads or sales without a call to action.

If your website looks great, is loaded with fresh content and there is a steady stream of traffic, then you expect sales or leads to just magically show up in your inbox. I’m afraid that’s never going to happen. When you create a website or landing page, make sure you know what action you want your readers to take and be upfront about it. A clear call to action is the only way you will get people to join a mailing list, sign up for your class or buy anything from you. Web content consumers love to follow directions, so give them one!


If you feel like you have all five of these items in check and still aren’t getting results, then it’s probably time to call on a professional to help. These days you can find high quality freelancers to help you build your website and boost your branding at an affordable rate, so there is no excuse not to optimize your website and start earning money.


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