5 Social Media Engagement Tips Guaranteed To Increase Sales

5 Social Media Engagement Tips Guaranteed To Increase Sales


The digital age has helped shift the relationship between buyers and sellers into more of a cooperative friendship. Consumers will only purchase from brands they like and trust so the quest to build engagement through social media is more important than ever. It is no longer enough just to push out content related to your brand, you have to find ways to engage consumers in a back and forth conversation in order to build their loyalty. Here are a few tips guaranteed to help strengthen your engagement and improve your sales.

  1. Focus On Your Customers

Blanketing all your social media accounts with “buy now” messages will get you nowhere fast. As in most relationships, you don’t gain friends by constantly talking about yourself. Try to focus more on your customers, make content that is emotional or interesting to them. Try to create and describe experiences that tell a story.


  1. Speak The Digital Language

Multiple studies have shown that engagement is higher on social media posts that include Emojis. Why is this? Not only are they adorable and eye-catching but their use has become part of the commonly accepted vocabulary of the internet. Emojis help to humanize your brand. Another way to speak the digital language is through creating original “Memes” which are photos with captions and usually humorous. They are more likely to get shared than plain text posts.


  1. Check Your Hashtags

Many businesses make the rookie mistake of overusing or underusing hashtags. Hashtags help categorize content and make specific topics easier to find. Hashtags are used differently on each social media platform. For instance, in data provided by Buffer, it has been shown that the optimal number of hashtags on Twitter is one where the optimal number of hashtags on Instagram is eleven. Do your hashtag research before posting.

‘Grab this free list of hashtags categories and niches’





4. Be Interactive Yourself social networks are like communities. In order to attract users, especially in the start, you need to be an active part of these communities. This means reaching out to other influencers and leaving comments on their posts as well as replying to your audience when they talk to you. In addition to this, consider posting interactive content like quizzes and contests that require a response from your followers.


5. Ask For It

The easiest way to get more engagement online is simply to ask for it. First, create quality content that uses emotion or storytelling. Then, when you post it, go ahead and invite your followers to “tag a friend who…” or “comment below if…”. You’ll be surprised how many more people participate!

The more organic engagement you can get through social media, the more sales you can expect to get from that audience. The time you spend building quality content and relationships online is an investment in the future of your business.

Jessica Walker
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