7 Marketing Tasks You Need To Be Completing Each Month

7 Marketing Tasks You Need To Be Completing Each Month


7 Marketing Tasks You Need To Be Completing Each Month & How To Leverage Them For Your Business

Building your brand through marketing is a combination of hard work, risk taking and consistency. You have to be present and participating, month after month, in order to reach your desired results. Here is a checklist of 7 important marketing tasks you should take part in each month.


  1. Planning

This is a critical step that often gets overlooked. If you take a “fly by the seat of your pants” approach to marketing each month then crucial tasks will be easily forgotten. Your monthly planning session should include setting specific goals such as, “grow e-mail list by 500 people.” Once you’ve nailed down a few objectives, plan out what actions you need to take to accomplish them.


2. Social Media Posts

Consistency is everything in social media. If you struggle with social media content marking and curating entertaining content for your audience or tribe, I recommend signing up with Post Planner. More than 200,000 social media marketers use Post Planner to find amazing content and boost engagement. Simply, set aside one or two days per month to plan, create and schedule all of your social media. Make sure to keep your accounts active by posting content at least once per day. If you are on several social media platforms then even posting once per day is quite a lot of content to keep up with.

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3. Paid Advertising

It’s finally happened – the days of getting tons of free advertising on social media is virtually over. Social platforms have all become businesses themselves and that means you have to pay to play now in order to get your ads and messages seen. The good news is, social media advertising is incredibly cheap and starts as low as $1. There is no excuse for not boosting posts or creating ad campaigns on social media each month when the profit margin is so high.


  1. E-Mail

Contrary to what you may have heard, E-mail is not dead my friends! In fact recent studies showed that e-mailing to a warm list is 40% more effective than Facebook or Twitter ads. So building your opt-in e-mail list is still crazy important and make sure to deliver them quality content a few times per month.


  1. Blog Writing

Blogs give your business great SEO juice on the all-powerful Google engine. Not only that, but you can then develop social media posts that link back to your blog. It helps create a content generation cycle that keeps your marketing rolling along.


  1. Networking

This step has nothing to do with directly promoting your business and it can easily be pushed aside when you’re in a time crunch. However, it is highly suggested that you do not skip networking. Networking involves getting to know and mingle with other industry leaders in your area. There could be opportunities for you to work together to jointly promote your brands. This includes networking with social media experts or bloggers in your field who could interview you or help sell your products.


  1. Review Analytics

Finally, all of these marketing steps alone would be useless without measuring their success. Pay close attention to your marketing analytics each month, watch for weak spots that need help and watch for hot spots you can expand on and learn from.

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