What Is A Brand?

Let’s start with a riddle. “I am no one thing and yet I am everything. I cannot be touched or held, yet I am the most valuable thing a business owns. What am I?” The answer is, of course, a brand. The term brand has evolved multiple times over the years and it can be pretty difficult to explain or define....

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How to Create Social Media Accounts Worth Following

It's understandable to wonder what it takes to succeed in the world of social media. If you're finding yourself sick of watching your follower numbers slowly increase, there are tips you'll want to follow. Considering that, here are four tips for creating social media accounts worth following.   1. Follow and Comment on Other's Posts (Image Courtesy of Dreamstime) Much like in the real...

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10 Creative Things To Do With The Back Of Your Business Card

  Is Your Business Wasting Valuable Advertising Space? 10 Creative Things To Do With The Back Of Your Business Card.   One of the least expensive yet most profitable forms of advertising for service providers is still the good old standard business card. They are inexpensive to design and print and can be given out freely at networking events, appointments and mailings. People that like...

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5 Marketing Practices That Will Impact Your Business

Most of the business world is  looking for ways to increase their productivity by improving their marketing practices. Excellent marketing practices are essential in every business as they have a direct impact on your business. Wondering what these marketing practices are? Well, wonder no more. In this work, we will discuss this practices that will have a positive effect on your...

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The Secret to More Referrals

Getting a new lead referred to you by a previous client or friend is probably the single best source of work for most freelancers. Not only do referrals usually happen organically but they tend to start off with a high degree of trust and positive expectation. The downside to referral clients is that most freelancers don't feel any control over where and...

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