Brand Styling

What Is A Brand?

Let’s start with a riddle. “I am no one thing and yet I am everything. I cannot be touched or held, yet I am the most valuable thing a business owns. What am I?” The answer is, of course, a brand. The term brand has evolved multiple times over the years and it can be pretty difficult to explain or define....

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10 Creative Things To Do With The Back Of Your Business Card

  Is Your Business Wasting Valuable Advertising Space? 10 Creative Things To Do With The Back Of Your Business Card.   One of the least expensive yet most profitable forms of advertising for service providers is still the good old standard business card. They are inexpensive to design and print and can be given out freely at networking events, appointments and mailings. People that like...

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Is Now The Time To Re-Brand?

It’s common practice for businesses of all sizes to go through one or more periods of re-branding. Sometimes that means small changes to colors or a logo while other times it’s a complete overhaul. Re-brand too often and it will be hard for the public to remember your business. Re-branding can be a huge undertaking and there is some risk involved...

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