Choose A Creative Business Idea In 5 Minutes Or Less 

Choose A Creative Business Idea In 5 Minutes Or Less 

If you have a creative mind and an entrepreneurial spirit then you probably feel overwhelmed with the number of new business ideas that pop into your busy brain each day. Welcome to the club, I’m not only a member but a full-time ambassador. Sometimes it seems like I can barely get one idea down on paper before another one is dangling in front of me. If you have the same problem then pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a seat, we’re about to go over a lightning-fast method for narrowing down a business idea. 


Step One: The Brain Dump


Sometimes it helps to just unleash the pent up creativity you’ve been feeling for a while now. Take out a blank sheet of paper and your favorite gel pen and just write down every idea that’s been kickin’ around your brain. It’s not uncommon for me to have ten or more ideas laid out in front of me when I’m done. Don’t let the number of ideas overwhelm you, we’re going to narrow it down from here. You don’t need to include too many details, just a topic or a few words to explain the idea. I like to make this a fun, creative process with at least one glass of wine. 


Step Two: Picking The Best Of The Best


Let’s say you have ten great ideas all spread out and ready to be evaluated. Take a new color of pen and circle your three best options. How do you pick three quickly without spending hours overthinking it? Here are the criteria for narrowing things down quickly: 

  • Is the idea viable? (Is there a market for it? Do you already have the resources you need to pull it off?) 
  • Cross out any ideas that would put you in a huge amount of debt right off the bat. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. 
  • Which ideas will bring in cash flow the fastest? If you have a lot of ideas to choose from, why not pick the one that you can jump right into and start making money? 
  • Is the idea FUN? If the thought of it brings you stress instead of joy then don’t circle it, babe. 


Step Three: Finding The One Idea That Speaks To Your Soul 


Alright, do you have three circled? Just one more step to go! Out of these three viable, cash-generating ideas, which one speaks to your soul? Is there one of the three that seems to be calling out to you? If you follow your true passions then you can never go wrong. Don’t pick a business idea you don’t like just because you think it will make money. You might be able to make fast cash cleaning out vacant houses but if you hate touching other’s people things and cleaning, then what’s the point? Of the three remaining choices, which one lights a fire in your heart? Put a big gold star next to your final choice. It’s time to launch a creative business!

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