Creating A Vision Statement For Your Dream Business

Creating A Vision Statement For Your Dream Business

Spend a hot minute in any business building networking event and you’ll come away with buzz words like “mission statement” and “company vision” spinning around inside your head. Both of these things are vital to growing a thriving business, but what exactly do they mean?


The Difference Between A Mission Statement And A Company Vision 


A mission statement describes what your business does every day in order to reach its full potential. It might sound something like this, “at XYZ we make organic beauty products that give customers a youthful glow without hurting the environment.” 


A vision statement describes what it looks like for the business and the community once the job is done. The vision statement focuses on what the future looks like and feels like when the business fulfills their aspirations to the fullest. For example, the organization Teach For America has this vision statement, “one day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.” It tells you what the world will look like if and when they successfully carry out their mission goals. 


How Will Your Vision Statement Be Used?


While it can, and should,  be used in marketing; the vision statement is also a powerful internal communication tool that guides and shapes your business from inception to daily operations. When crafted correctly it should inspire you and anyone you hire to work for your company to work towards a common goal. Not every company is in the business of saving the world, but every company changes the world around it in some small way. 


The Most Important Vision Question


What impact do you want to have on your customers? What will their lives look like once you become a part of it? 


When writing your vision make sure to include how the world around you will look and feel because of your efforts. Keep the vision short, no more than two sentences, and easy to memorize. You want your employees, vendors, and customers to be able to remember it easily. 


You don’t have to come up with your vision statement entirely on your own. In fact, it’s a worthwhile exercise to ask your employees, vendors, and customers what they think your vision should be. People that work closely with your business can give you great insight into how it is already perceived. Do you like this perception as it is today, or do you need to work to change it? 


Creating A Brand Vision Board


If you are a visual person, a brand vision board might be beneficial to you. This isn’t quite the same as making a life goals vision board with magazine photos, but more of a one-page business plan that focuses on company vision. 


Your brand vision board should include the following:


  • Company’s name, logo, and tagline
  • A “who we are” statement 
  • A “what we do” list 
  • Your business vision statement
  • Portrait Of Your Ideal Customer 
  • Explanation of customer needs or pain points
  • Your products or services 
  • Marketing SEO keywords.
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