DIY Vs Professional Design Work For Your Brand

DIY Vs Professional Design Work For Your Brand

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When first starting out, it can be a struggle to pull together all the elements of your branding and marketing by yourself, but it is just as much of a struggle to figure out how and when to spend your limited budget on getting professional help. Your initial thought will be to throw together the first few elements you need just to slap something together and get started. You know it won’t be perfect, but you can always hire a designer later when you can afford it, right? There are some pros and cons of going the DIY route with your branding. In the end you’ll have to decide if this is an area you want to make an upfront investment in. 


The Pros and Cons Of DIY Graphic Design Work And Branding


DIY Pros: I totally get it, when you’re first starting out you have zero clients, zero budget and zero interest in going into debt. Luckily there are several free or insanely cheap, easy to use, drag and drop type graphic programs out there for you. Online design powerhouses like Canva and Picmonkey, with their easy to use interface and beautiful templates, will help you get up and running in no time. Your prior experience in graphic design, if any, will  help you determine if you feel comfortable doing your own logo, website or business cards. 


DIY Cons: Time is your most valuable resource. If it will take you several days to learn a new graphic design program and several more days of tinkering to finally come up with a finished product, how much money did you actually lose in business while you were busy doing tasks that don’t lead to income generation? Consistency is another problem you may face when doing your own design work. Unless you are experienced, it can be difficult to keep a cohesive look across all the branding elements. If you are relying on templates, and some elements you need are missing, you will be stuck with mismatched items that can cause brand confusion. Not starting off with proper branding can lead to a tedious and expensive rebranding process down the road. 


Reasons To Hire A Professional Graphic Designer With Branding Experience


If you are willing and able to make an initial investment in your business, the best place to get started is with your branding, including your digital and printed assets. Your designer will help you plot out and solidify your branding architecture. That means a written blueprint of colors, fonts, imagery and personality for your company that creates an easy to spot brand identity. 


While your professional designer is busy with the creative process, you can work on administrative and sales tasks that will bring in your first few clients. The first rule of sales is, “always be prospecting.” You can’t prospect for clients if you’re too busy trying to figure out how to DIY your own logo. Think about it this way, hire out anything that your not an expert at so that you can spend your limited time building your empire. Doing things correctly from the start will help you build trust with consumers as a new business and you can avoid having to re-brand at a later date. 

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