Focus On These Three Things To Grow Your Business This Year

Focus On These Three Things To Grow Your Business This Year

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, so if you’ve started a business, just know you are in great company. At first, just getting your baby off the ground was the whole job in itself. Launching a business is no small accomplishment, but you pushed through. Now it’s time to take things to the next level. You don’t just want your business to survive, you want it to thrive and grow. 


In order to glow-up your business, you’ll want to focus on a few key things that will take research, reflection, and creativity. Are you ready? 


#1. Start By Knowing Exactly Where You Are Right Now


To make a girl-boss level action plan for business growth, you need to know every detail of where your business is right now. That means digging into the financials to understand your income and expenses, looking at analytics data about your marketing efforts, and knowing exactly how many clients you have or units you sell on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You also need to know where your current customers are coming from and what makes them buy from you or work with you. Once you get a clear picture of what’s already working (or not working) you can use that information as a springboard to launch the next phase of your business. 


#2. Ask Yourself The Right Questions


Sometimes the best solutions aren’t easily found. Many people seeking to grow their business might immediately think that means they need new clients or more sales. However, they might be surprised after looking at the data that they can increase their net profit a lot by making other less obvious changes. For example, if you’ve been running a one-woman show then hiring an assistant, virtual assistant, or freelancer might save you so much time on administrative tasks that you now have the time and energy to drum up new business or make more creative goodies. You might look at how you can upsell your current customers or clients rather than hunting down new ones. Ask yourself a lot of questions, poke holes in your business practices, and play “what if” as much as possible. 


#3. Come Up With Creative Solutions


It takes money to make money, isn’t that what they always say? It’s normal to have to spend money during your business glow-up, but even if you don’t have a lot of expenses to spare, you make creative changes that are low cost but pack a powerful punch. Need more exposure but are low on funds? Pour some energy into creating viral social media content that is on-brand and gives your audience something they really want or need. An entertaining yet informative social media post can go a long way towards boosting your brand awareness. What other creative ways can you think of to level up your business? 


After you’ve spent some time contemplating these three key areas, it’s time to write down specific goals that will lead you towards higher profits. Making a written plan with specific deadlines will help you succeed. 

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