How to Build a Landing Page That Converts

How to Build a Landing Page That Converts

How To Make A Landing Page That Converts

If you have a great website, you might be wondering what landing pages are all about and why would need one. While your website is where you brand yourself and house your content, a landing page is more of a sales tool or lead generator.

A landing page, usually used in conjunction with some sort of paid advertisement or email newsletter, is designed to talk to a specific subset of your customers and entices them to buy or sign up for something. It is a super niched down, one page version of one of your products or offers. It is the perfect lead generating machine because it speaks directly to the intended audience.

While your website aims to complete long term goals, a landing page is created with short term sales related goals in mind. It helps build customer loyalty and increases profits or signups. Your landing page can be used to advertise a promotion and sell on the spot, or it can get people to sign up for a newsletter, group or class. It could even simply be to get people directed over to your facebook group.

Here are a list of things that all great landings pages with high conversion rates have in common. Make sure to follow these guidelines when building or editing your landing pages.


1. Start with a clear, measurable, short term goal. To illustrate our point, let’s say you are building a mailing list of business owners that might purchase your marketing services. Your goal is to offer a free download, also known as a lead magnet, in exchange for people signing up for your free newsletter. You want to add 25 new people per week to your list with this landing page. Use this information to build your page and dictate how much budget you need to allocate for this campaign.


2. Once you have your goal set, make a list of customer demographics you want to target through paid advertising. This list will help you determine what social media platforms are more likely to get clicks, and what keywords to target when building your ads.


3. Start your landing page by creating the same look and feel that your normal branding has. You absolutely want people to associate this landing page with you and your brand

4. Come up with a killer headline and sub headline that will compel people to keep reading.


5. Write persuasive copy. Make sure to identify the customer pain point and what value you bring to them that will alleviate that pain point. There is much debate over short landing pages versus long or “infinite scrolling” pages. The length of your page will be determined by how much persuasion you need to do in order to get people to take action.


6. Clear call to action. Make sure your call to action is upfront, and clearly directs the customer to do what you want them to do. If they have to sign up for something make sure it is easy to find and fill out your form. If they need to purchase something, make that buy button easy to spot. Keep in mind you are persuading them, not tricking them.


7. Add social proof or testimonials. People will trust you more when they see reviews from real people that have used your services in the past. Get prior clients permission to use their reviews on your website or landing page. Include a photo of them if you can!

Use these guidelines to help build a rockin’ landing page that converts like crazy!

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