How to Create Social Media Accounts Worth Following

How to Create Social Media Accounts Worth Following

It’s understandable to wonder what it takes to succeed in the world of social media. If you’re finding yourself sick of watching your follower numbers slowly increase, there are tips you’ll want to follow. Considering that, here are four tips for creating social media accounts worth following.


1. Follow and Comment on Other’s Posts

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Much like in the real world, it’s hard to build a circle friends if you aren’t communicating with others. With that in mind, take time to search related accounts in your niche. For instance, if your social media pages are about investing, you could find and follow popular investing accounts. If it’s an option, try to leave positive and meaningful comments on their posts. You never want to push your own products in these comments.


2. Complete Full Profiles

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While many people skip over their profile section, this is an essential part of any social media account. Creating a profile filled with information helps to humanize you, bringing a stronger connection between you and your audience. Many of these profiles offer sections to add photos, take advantage of this. Having an entirely filled out social media profile page will often separate you from the competition.


3. Know When to Sell to Customers

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Another rule of having a successful social media page is knowing when to sell to others. Yes, there are times where it’s perfectly fine to include promotional posts. That being said, it’s wise to keep this relatively limited. After all, you probably would get annoyed with a business that constantly tries to sell you on a product or service. While it’s tempting, offering real value will help grow your page quickly. In turn, you’ll have a much broader audience to target when it’s time to create a promotional post.


4. People Love Motivational Posts










It’s true that content remains king. That being said, not all content is equal. If you really want to engage your readers, considering creating motivational posts. Whether these posts are long stories or simple quotes, everyone needs a little motivation sometimes. Just be sure to do it right, because if it seems to shallow or out of the right context, it could end up hurting your in the long run.

To summarize, there are several ways to create social media accounts worth following. It’s important to reach out to others on social media. Selling to customers online is, but you’ll still want to do this sparingly. Don’t forget to fully complete your profile pages, including listing lots of information about you or your company. Finally, remember most people love reading motivational posts.



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