How To Plan A Successful Launch

How To Plan A Successful Launch

How To Plan A Successful Launch

No matter if you are launching a new product, a course, a book or a whole business, the following launch tips can help you make a big splash and attract lots of potential customers. Once you’ve spent time planning, creating and branding your business then it’s time to open your doors and get to work. 


Pre-Launch Research and Review


When planning your launch, make sure you know the following details that will be essential in finding, attracting and hooking customers:


-What need does your product or service fulfil?

-Who are you trying to help? (Detailed Customer Persona) 

-What makes your solution better than any other offered?


Once you know these details, it’s time to create a marketing plan for your launch. Your plan should detail all the ways you hope to attract new business, outline your budget, and explain how you will measure the success of your launch. A written plan will keep you on-deadline and on-budget throughout the launch. 


Attract Attention And Build Anticipation 


Even if you are a brand new business, you should go ahead and start your blog, build your email list or start posting to your social media accounts even before your launch. You’ll need a pier to go fishing from when trying to hook your audience. Think about how your ideal customer likes to be contacted, what social media sites are they on, and what things of value might you create for them? Here are some fun ways to get people excited about your launch:


-Write blog posts about your product, service or business. Guest post on other blogger’s sites for even more exposure. 

-Get influencers to interview you on podcasts, YouTube shows or Facebook Lives. 

-Build you email list by creating value-added content and giving it away in exchange for an email address. Start emailing your new list right away. 

-Provide coming soon posts, sneak peeks and teasers as you grow closer and closer to your launch.

-Host a giveaway on social media. 

-Feed off customer FOMO (fear of missing out) by limiting quantities or adding a limited time early bird bonus.

-Get beta testers and give them early access in exchange for honest reviews. Now you have social proof before you even launch! 


Now You’re Ready To Launch!


Set ambitious goals for your launch. It’s time for all your hard work to pay off so plan for a successful launch! Monitor your success, adjust ads and marketing efforts accordingly. There is no need to go it 100% alone, get yourself a launch army by cutting a deal with influencers on an affiliate basis. Once launched, check in with your customers and keep a close eye on results, reviews and reactions. These things can help you market effectively. Don’t be afraid to ask existing customers for reviews and referrals. Make sure to thank your customers, affiliates and business partners for helping you have a successful launch. These small touches will be remembered and give people a great impression of your brand. 


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