Inexpensive Ways To Promote Brand Awareness

Inexpensive Ways To Promote Brand Awareness


How can a small, local business or brand new digital business, get their brand paraded in front of their perfect customers without spending a fortune on advertisements? The answer is in brand awareness and you’ll be both surprised and pleased as punch to find out there are several totally inexpensive ways to promote brand awareness. Brand awareness is the extent to which the public recognizes and trusts your brand. Years of expensive mass market advertising might be obtainable by large corporations but even the small businesses can hype their brand these days without spending top dollar on TV commercials and print ads. 

Go All In On Social Media

Organic social media growth is totally free. All it takes is time, creativity and the willingness to step outside your comfort zone and really talk to your audience. Social media gives business owners immediate access to their customers, promotes back and forth communication and builds lasting relationships that lead to more sales and more opportunities. You can post photos, do live videos and talk to prospects in real time. Social media is a great place to show off your personality and your company culture. 

Reviews Build Social Proof And That Leads To Profits

Reviews are one of the top elements that drive customer trust. Besides being recommended by a trusted source, reviews are seen as a huge factor in producing more new business. There is a reason Yelp is such a popular app, people love to read reviews from others before they buy. The best way to get lots of reviews is to simply ask for them. When you’ve delivered a great product or service ask for a review and make it easy for the customer to submit their review. Provide a link to your Facebook page, Google page, Website, Yelp or wherever you want the review to appear. 


Create Amazing Content Then GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREE

If you want to build trust, let your client try before they purchase by producing top quality content related to your product or service and give that content away for free. Sometimes you can get an email address in exchange for  your content and that’s a valuable commodity as well. You can create content that promotes you as an expert and industry influencer.  

Create Raving Fans With Stellar Customer Service

Have you ever received such amazing customer service that you couldn’t wait to hop on social media and post about it? Doing so is highly valuable word-of-mouth advertising for the business you were dealing with. Considered to be the highest form of flattery to a business, your recommendation means everything. You turn customers into fans by always going above and beyond. Pitch perfect customer service can even make a fan out of a customer whose experience started off less than great. Handle each customer like they are your one and only client and you’ll make everyone feel special. Delivery a high quality product or service, do it on time, check up on the customer’s satisfaction and over-deliver when possible. 


Once you work through getting crystal clear on the above, you can work towards putting it together and your execution strategy. Like, who’s going to handle what, how, with what tools, etc…

Create your blueprint and follow it. Change it when you need to. But the most important part to remember is that if you want your brand strategy to work, you have to show up – consistently. Every day.


Jessica Walker
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