Is Now The Time To Re-Brand?

Is Now The Time To Re-Brand?


It’s common practice for businesses of all sizes to go through one or more periods of re-branding. Sometimes that means small changes to colors or a logo while other times it’s a complete overhaul. Re-brand too often and it will be hard for the public to remember your business. Re-branding can be a huge undertaking and there is some risk involved as well, so how can you tell if it’s necessary to re-brand?


One of the biggest reasons for a full re-branding is to change a company’s image or to move away from a negative image. If your company has received some bad press, or your company has evolved to a point where it no longer matches the look and feel of your current branding, then it might be time for a major over-haul. An example of a company that’s struggling to change their branding after bad press is Uber. They are hoping to appeal to the jet-setting younger crowd with a fresh look.


Another good reason for changing your look is to tap into a new demographic or make a huge change in your price range. This is a common reason for re-branding as a smaller company starts to get traction. Maybe you started out small and on the cheaper end, but as your company and experience has grown, you feel like it’s time to move on to a new customer base and a higher price tag. You’ll want to update your branding to match the new professional or luxury market. You can also make use of re-barding to go in the other direction, if your company is seen as too expensive or elite and you want to widen your customer base.


If you cringe each time you give your business card out, then it might be time for a re-brand! When a company first starts out, many things are done on the fly and for as cheap as possible. As your marketing budget expands, the first thing you’ll want to spend it on is your branding. This means upgrading to a logo, website, stationary and content that is professionally designed by a graphic designer. This will elevate your company, making it look more professional, modern and trendy. On a similar note, if your website includes photos of yourself or your staff, you’ll want to have the photos updated over the years. Nothing screams “outdated” like clothing and hairstyles from a different era!


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