Slay Your Social Media With Batch Posting

Slay Your Social Media With Batch Posting

Social media is a low-cost but highly effective marketing tool. The only problem is that it’s also a huge time suck. If you want to pump out high-quality content on a consistent schedule, things can quickly start to feel overwhelming. Some days you’ll be racing to get it all done and might even find yourself posting sub-par content just to scrape by. Don’t fret my dear, you can use batch processing to slay that beast so you can reclaim hours upon hours of your day.  


In the age of multitasking, the concept of batching might seem a bit foreign but follow along and you’ll see how and why it can save you a ton of time. I call them “BATCH DAYS” Batching is the process of doing a whole lot of the same thing at once. It requires dedicated time to be set aside and a laser-like focus to do this one and only task until it is done. 


Why Should You Batch Process Your Social Media Content?


While you might think multitasking saves you time, it often has the opposite effect because your busy mind is racing so fast that mistakes are made or you spread yourself too thin. Trying to create and post brand new content daily is going to eat into your day big time. By batching you can set aside a few hours once a month and get it all done. The stress of daily content creation will be lifted from your beautiful shoulders and you can kick back with a glass of wine at night smiling about how smart you are. 


How To Batch Process Your Social Media Content


First things first, schedule a few hours at the start or end of each month to do your batch processing. Physically write it into your schedule like a little meeting you’re having with yourself. When it’s time to focus, cut yourself off from all distractions (including your phone) during that time. 


A great added benefit to batching social media content is that you can plan things out so that everything fits and flows together. So before you start creating, make a plan. Do some research around your planned content as well so that you’ll be ready to go with perfect hashtags. 


Once you have your ideas mapped out, take or find all the photos you need and gather them up. Load them into your favorite scheduler tool. Popular choices for social media schedulers are Later, Postplanner, Hootsuite, Hubspot, and Buffer. Don’t forget to add links, captions, and hashtags for each post. 


What Other Tasks Can You Conquer With Batching?


You’re going to love the time-saving process of batching so much that you’ll start looking for other places in your business that it could be useful. Don’t worry, I got you girl; here are some of my other favorite things to do in batches:


  • Answering emails (once a day)
  • Writing Sales Emails (once a month)
  • Blog post planning and writing (once a month or once a week)
  • Updating Finances or Invoices (once a week) 



Jessica #Batch Day Bae Walker

What other ideas can you think of to batch process? Let me know in the comments! 


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